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Our Brand Story

How we started

Naomi Kitchen Pte Ltd is a confectionery business founded in 2010 by Kelvin and Patsy. In line with our company slogan, “Simple Joy, Abundance Goodness”, we believe in the enjoyment of food through the use of simple ingredients to create delectable cookies that are rich in flavour and identity.

In 2020, Naomi launched a sub-brand Savor South East Asia (Savour S.E.A.) to showcase the rich culture of South East Asia through cookies. 


Savor South East Asia (Savour S.E.A.) Brand Story

The story started with a girl who arrived in Singapore on holiday. She tried our local traditional food, Laksa, and fell in love with it instantly. On returning to her home country, her craving for Laksa continues, and she is constantly in search of a good bowl of authentic Singapore Laksa.

Her mum shared her daughter’s nostalgic memory of Singapore laksa with us. Inspired by her story, we gave it a serious thought and decided to create Laksa flavoured cookies to send her as a surprise.


On one Christmas Eve, the girl received a special gift all the way from Singapore. Blindfolded, her mum put a piece of laksa cookie into her mouth. As she savored the cookie slowly, tears trickled down her cheeks for her desire and craving of the Singapore Laksa is finally fulfilled!


Touched and motivated, we decided that more locally-inspired cookies and biscotti should be created, and this led to the birth of the brand, Savor S.E.A. We hope that through our cookies and more items to come, we can introduce the rich, vibrant and diverse food culture of Southeast Asia to the rest of the World. Some of our creations include the Singapore Laksa Cookie, Malaysia Pandan Coconut Cookie/Biscotti, Indonesian Sambal Cookie/Biscotti and Thailand Mango Coconut Biscotti. 


One of our most popular product in this Savor S.E.A. brand is the Muscovado Sea Salt Chocolate Chip. The mixed savoury and sweet taste is loved by both adults and children.

We use premium Muscovado sugar which is extracted from sugarcane primarily cultivated in South East Asia. As a natural unrefined ingredient, Muscovado sugar contains higher levels of various natural minerals compared to processed white sugar. It is definitely a healthier choice of sweetener.


Our crunchy Muscovado cookies are full of chocolate chips and sprinkled with sea salt on top creating a riot of flavours in the mouth when you bite into the cookies. If you have never tried salted chocolate chip cookies before, you are in for a TREAT!! The sprinkle of sea salt truly accentuates the rich chocolate flavor, and our recipe produces super crisp cookies that are impossible to resist!

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